We are very excited to announce that the Hardcore Training Logbooks are NOW AVAILABLE!!! 


If you don’t continuously strive for progress, you’ll remain the same. Log booking gives you structure, a plan and an effortless means to track your progress ensuring that you reach your goals!!!


Listed below are a few of the many reasons why the Hardcore Training logbook is the ultimate logbook to track your progress...


  • No flicking back and forth between pages (this is very frustrating with standard logbooks) Luckily the Hardcore Training Logbooks allows you to see 4 weeks of workouts on the same page to clearly see progression of not just every exercise, but every single set...
  • Each book comes with very detailed pages on how to use very rare intensity techniques to maximise hypertrophy!
  • Set yourself short term and long term goals every training block and tick them off once they have been achieved!
  • Each book will last the average trainer a FULL YEAR!!! That’s only £9.99 per year for the best logbook on the market. 


Secure your logbook today for ONLY


Hardcore Training Logbook